Gurman Reveals What Will Be Presented During WWDC 2023

Discover what will be presented during WWDC 23 by Apple according to Mark Gurman. iOS and iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, xrOS and headset.

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According to Gurman, this year's WWDC will be full of big surprises, with Apple planning numerous announcements on both the software and hardware sides.

Specifically, the Bloomberg journalist, strongly believes that the AR/VR headset will be the absolute protagonist of the conference.

The company will present the following innovations during the WWDC23 keynote:

iOS and iPadOS

iOS and iPadOS 17 will not be updates rich in novelties, but will include many of the features requested by users in recent years.

Furthermore, there should be no substantial changes to macOS or tvOS.

watchOS 10

Finally, Gurman revealed that watchOS 10 will be a major update, with an updated interface and several improvements. However, he did not reveal any further details about the new features coming.

AR/VR headset xrOS

According to Gurman, with its first AR/VR headset, Apple is preparing for a ”future beyond the iPhone and iPad”.

The device will offer developers several opportunities, and much of the WWDC23 conference will be dedicated to it.

Many executives in the company believe that the device will have a slow start but will eventually have the opportunity to replace the iPhone. In any case, it is unlikely that the headset will be put on sale for several months after its presentation, to give developers time to create dedicated apps and services.


Regarding Macs, Apple has several new models in the pipeline, including a 15-inch MacBook Air, an updated 13-inch MacBook Air, an entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, an updated 24-inch iMac, the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro and new high-end MacBook Pro models. All of these machines will arrive on the market by the end of the year or the beginning of 2024.

Gurman states that some of these Macs will be presented during WWDC 2023, but they will not include the next-generation M3 chip. This means that most likely only the 15-inch MacBook Air and the 24-inch iMac will be announced since all the other machines are already powered by the M2 chip, and it would not make sense to release a new model with the same processor.

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