How to Let User Paste Data Into your App in SwiftUI

Discover the handy PasteButton available in iOS 16 and SwiftUI, that will allow users to easily paste content in your app.

Francesco Leoni

1 min read


iOS 16

macOS 10.15

With iOS 16, SwiftUI has a new dedicated PasteButton that lets user paste any kind of objects.

It let us receive any object that conforms to the Transferable protocol. Some examples are: String, URL, Data and Image.


To let the user paste an image, you can set the payloadType to Data.self and then convert the Data to a UIImage and then use this image to create an Image.

PasteButton(payloadType: Data.self) { data in

guard let imageData = data.first else { return }

self.image = Image(uiImage: UIImage(data: imageData) ?? UIImage())


Or, with a more straightforward implementation.

PasteButton(payloadType: Image.self) { images in

guard let image = images.first else { return }

self.image = image


If you need a more fine grained filter for the objects that the user is allowed to paste, you can use the init(supportedContentTypes:).

In this example we allow the user to paste only xml files.

PasteButton(supportedContentTypes: [.xml]) { providers in

for provider in providers {

let progress = provider.loadFileRepresentation(for: .xml) { url, openInPlace, error in

if let url {

try? String(contentsOf: url)






The input into the closure is an array of objects or providers not a single one.


The button dims itself if no object that matches the declared type is present in the user's clipboard.

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