How To Use Markdown in SwiftUI

Discover different ways to use Markdown with the Text element in SwiftUI to easily add markdown text to your app.

Francesco Leoni

1 min read


iOS 13.0

macOS 10.15

tvOS 13.0

watchOS 6.0

The markdown feature of the Text element is a great feature!

You can just type your markdown string and SwiftUI will render the text formatted.

Let's see different ways to use it.


You can use a string literal

Text("This will be bold")

Or you can pass the text from a variable

let markdownText = "This will be bold"

// […]



Now you can markdown text in your app. Happy coding!

I hope I helped you with you journey with SwiftUI and iOS development.

See you in the next guide!

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Thank you for reading and see you in the next article!

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